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Nuisance Permits A Must For Trappers

The Department of Natural Resources wants to remind people to get a nuisance permit if they are planning to trap an animal disturbing their yards.

Conservation Officer Ray Wichus says it is common for animals to be out and about this time of year. It is against the law to try to trap an animal without a permit and Wichus says the biologists you will work with will give you other options on how to get rid of the animal. Wichus wants to make sure the animals are removed from the property properly.

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Wichus says when a trapper does release their animal, to not release it in the state parks. He adds the biologists keep track of the animals in the parks and adding random animals could be hazardous. Many animals found in city limits have been rooting through trash, and there is a possibility they are carrying a disease.

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The permits are free and valid for 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, trappers must return the permit and let them know how many animals they caught. The Department will give advice on how to properly dispose the animals and give different legal options on how to take care of your animal issue.

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There are two different numbers to call to get the permits. If you just want a permit call 217-935-6860, but if you would like to talk to a biologist about your situation call the Gibson City office at 217-784-4730.

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