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Farmer City Fair Wraps Up With Saturday Activities

The Farmer City Fair took place this past weekend at the Farmer City Fair grounds.

The Saturday portion of the fair included a horse show, a goat show and a chili cook. Griffen Jodlowski from Atlanta says there is a lot of preparing that goes into showing a goat and making sure it can produce good milk.

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Goat herder Duane Menigoz says he enjoys goats because they have personalities that can't be beat. He started owning goats as just pets, but after a while he got to showing them and has never taken them to the state fair. He says they want to please just as much as a horse does, and the people he meets while showing are another reason why he likes to show them.

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Horses had a large turn out at the fair with 20 classes being shown.  Kayla O'Neal says its common to run into a lot of the same people at different fairs. She feels even though they are up against each other in competition, they're still friends at the end of the day, and they want each other to do their best.

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Kaitlyn Perry says she enjoys showing horses, but its not always up to the owner to how long they show a certain horse. Perry has experienced watching a horse stop caring about preparing for shows, and when they stop caring is when you should stop showing them.

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Along with the horse and goat show, the DeWitt County Fair consisted of a sheep show, chili cookoff, beef cattle show, picture contests, textiles and arts, culinary, and tractor pull.

For a full list of results, pictures and other fair recaps, click on the WHOW Fair Tour tab.

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