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Law Enforcement Agencies View Colorado Massacre As Reasons For Preparation

The tragedy of the Colorado theater massacre is certainly an unfortunate event, however, local law enforcement agencies do not wait on tragedy to strike to prepare.

DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner explains as he is watching footage of unfortunate events such as what happened in Colorado, there are several things he looks for. He says he looks to see how law enforcement in other places deals with these situations, their command structure and the ways each agency works together.

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The Sheriff believes the Columbine massacre and 9/11 are two events that have changed the way law enforcement responds to events such as these. He says post-Columbine, the planning of dealing with violent events is continuous.

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Earlier this week, Sheriff's deputies took part in a shooter training. Sheriff Shofner explains, a few months ago one of his deputies took part in training to train other officers in the preparedness. He notes this training is not in response to the recent Colorado shooting, as it was planned a month ago.

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Sheriff Shofner says the preparation for events like these is ongoing. He notes they hope the call never comes for these events, but according to the Sheriff, "hope is not a plan".

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