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New Light Bulb Regulations Coming In 2013

Big changes will be coming on a consumer's choice of light bulbs.

Many common light bulbs, such as the 65 watt incandescents, will no longer be manufactured by the end of next year. Ace Hardware Partner and Manager John Heap says there will be replacements and alternatives for all of the light bulbs that will no longer be manufactured. Heap encourages people to look around their houses and businesses and see if they want to stock up now on light bulbs or wait for the changes to happen.


Some bulbs have already been stopped manufactured, and many will be stopped at the end of the year. There is a variety of bulbs that are being discontinued, and they include incandescents, fluorescents and flood lights.


Heap says even though the alternative light bulbs will be more expensive now, companies have been working to lower the pricing of the new bulbs. He adds the new bulbs last longer and use less energy, so consumers won't have to purchase them as often and energy bills will go down.


The changes are coming due to an energy saving movement by the government. The new light bulbs take up only a third or fourth of the energy today's standard bulbs use.

For more information on the light bulb changes and to figure out which light bulb replaces the one you currently use, call Ace Hardware at 217-935-9491 or visit the store on the corner of Madison and Washington in Clinton.

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