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Recent Discussions Give Okaw Valley Conference Hope of Remaining Together

A recent meeting of Okaw Valley Conference school members held recently opened the door to the possibility of keeping the Okaw intact.

The recent gathering of school officials from the 12-team conference recently opened not only the door to keeping the conference together, but the possibility of expansion. Superintendent of Warrensburg-Latham Schools, Kristen Kendrick explains Warrensburg-Latham is taking a wait and see approach. Warrensburg-Latham is one of the seven Okaw schools considering leaving the conference.

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The proposal would add teams to the Okaw Valley Conference and thus creating two divisions. Kendrick notes the talks even went as far as how scheduling would work and who teams would play.

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The focus of the two divisions would be school size and record. Kendrick feels it would even out the playing field to have schools of similar size scheduled and playing each other.

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Although there are some issues with the proposal, Kendrick feels encouraged the schools are openly communicating and trying to find ways to keep the Okaw together.

The Warrensburg-Latham School board has not yet taken any action regarding leaving the conference. Kendrick notes they have kept their board members up to date and it was on their July agenda to address.

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