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The Mid-Illinois Chapter of the American Red Cross received a grant to help distribute information on safety and supplies.

The Chapter received the $12,000 grant from Caterpillar to help programs such as Ready Rate program and Team Stopper program. Executive Director Carl Baker says the grant will help prepare families and companies in the area to be prepared when fires and other disasters hit. Baker notices fires are the most common disasters in the area, and these programs will help people in the area know how to handle those situations.

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Director of Public Support for the Mid-Illinois Chapter Tara Winter says the grant is Caterpillar's way of saying they support what the Red Cross is trying to do. She adds many other organizations and companies such as Clinton Chamber of Commerce, State Farm and the Country Companies in Bloomington. The Red Cross will use the money in areas where they see the most need to help people stay safe.

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Winter feels this gives the chapters a chance to look at all the possible disasters that can happen in a rural community. She says the money will also go to help their outreach work and let more people know what the Red Cross has to offer and what a person can do to help make other people's lives safer.

For more information on the Mid-Illinois Chapter of the American Red Cross and its programs, go to midillinoisredcross.org.

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