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The Clinton Fire Department will be diligently working this week to prepare their proposal for the DeWitt County Ambulance Advisory Committee.

The Clinton City Council recessed their Monday meeting to this coming Monday August 13 to decide whether to allow the Fire Department to submit their proposal to the Advisory Committee. A lot of discussion Monday evening was dedicated to this issue, and Clinton Fire Chief Shawn Milton says, that's just good city government at work.

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This is something the Fire Department has been discussing for some time. Chief Milton says the evidence is there to support having a fire department run an ambulance service. He says the process has brought their plans to light quicker than they expected.

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A lot has been made of the timing of the Department's request. Chief Milton explains this has been hingent on the timetable of the DCAAC. He could not propose it before the committee put out their request for proposal (RFP) because he did not know what would be in that. He says his request is basically going to be what the County is asking for in an ambulance service.

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Chief Milton is on the DCAAC, however, he says in order to keep things uncontroversial, he will not be voting on any of the proposals they receive. Milton says he got on the committee as a last resort.

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Because of the short time when the DCAAC opened up their RFP, the time they are taking those proposals is short, Chief Milton says he wishes his department could have more time. He admits though they need to make due and get to work to have their proposal ready to present to the Clinton City Council Monday.

The council reconvenes Monday at noon to review the proposal the Fire Department comes up with. The proposals are due to the DCAAC by 2 pm Monday afternoon.

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