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Many smaller school districts throughout central Illinois have one superintendent that presides over the entire district. However, there are larger districts with a Superintendent for their high school, and separate Superintendents for the feeder districts to that high school.

Much debate has been made in the Lincoln community about consolidating these separate districts into one large district. Superintendent of Lincoln Community High School, Robert Bagby says Lincoln is the "poster child" for why consolidation would not work. Bagby spoke in front of Lt. Governor Sheila Simon almost a year ago on the issue.


On top of using the same salary schedules and the highest benefits package, the district would also enforce the highest tax rate. Bagby explains if the Lincoln districts were to consolidate, Lincoln residents would see their property tax rates increase close to $800 per year. He feels not many residents would be in favor of that kind of tax hike.


The most common argument may be to eliminate the administrative positions in those districts. Bagby explains many Superintendents in the other districts serve a duel role as a principle. He also points out consolidation would result in other administrative positions, including a transportation and a curriculum coordinator, which the Lincoln district currently does not have.


The Lincoln district has put together a committee to work with the feeder schools to keep them up to date with what the high school is doing. Bagby explains there are many cooperations they have in place with meals, transportation and supplies. He feels it is a good working relationship.


The Lincoln High School feeder schools include the New Holland-Middletown, West Lincoln-Broadwell, Chester-East Lincoln, District 27, and Zion Lutheran Schools.

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