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The expansion, or passage of video gambling in many communities around the state is being decided on this month.

The Lincoln community recently passed a resolution allowing video gambling and now Clinton faces the same decision. Currently, there is a ban on video gambling within Clinton city limits. Pastor John Robertson from First Baptist Church in Clinton spoke before the Clinton City Council Monday evening on behalf of the Clinton pastoral community. Pastor Robertson states although there are benefits to video gambling, he believes the community cannot afford the effects it will have.

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Robertson explains the effects from gambling add up. He says almost 10% of first time gamblers become compulsive gamblers, which can lead to divorce, stealing of money and attempting suicide.

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Robertson explains, as a pastor, he councils and sees the families that are affected. He says the community is made up of families and if the families are affected, then the community will be affected.

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The Council discussed the issue but because of uncertainty amongst Council members, Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters tabled a decision until a later date.

Regional Radio News will have details on that discussion later this week.

Lawmakers passed a proposal to allow video gaming in 2009 but are just now implementing the system. Communities have the ability to opt out of the system and by banning it.

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