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An issue that effects over three-quarters of a million people will be addressed in Monticello tomorrow afternoon.

State Representative Chapin Rose has co-sponsored a bill that would allow County Board's over the Mahomet Aquifer to have a say in whether the Clinton Landfill is allowed to dump PCB's into the landfill, which is situated on top of the Mahomet Aquifer, which provides drinking water for over 750-thousand central Illinois residents. Rep. Rose says this meeting will be before representatives of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, or the IEPA, and a special committee formed for the piece of legislation.

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This is a very unique situation DeWitt County has placed residents and county governments over the Mahomet Aquifer in. Rep. Rose compares the situation to "taxation without representation". He says his bill gives the counties effected by the Clinton Landfill's proposal to dump PCBs into the landfill a voice.

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While there is a lot of legal red tape tied to this entire issue, Rep. Rose stresses this gives the surrounding counties effected by this decision a voice, and he says they can then block the decision for DeWitt County to move forward with it.

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Since he began investigating this issue, Rep. Rose has become very critical of the way the EPA has handled the situation. He feels there has been a lack of oversight from the beginning, which he plans to question them on Thursday.

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The hearing is open to the public and takes place Thursday afternoon at 1 pm at the Piatt County Farm Bureau. Anyone who cannot attend has a couple options to get statements they would like heard before the committee. They visit ilga.gov and click on the "House Committee" page, or you can email any statements to Rep. Rose directly, and he will have those submitted. Rep. Rose's email address is repchapinrose@gmail.com.

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