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Area residents were witnesses to a unique weather phenomonon Tuesday evening.

 width=Residents around Central Illinois may have noticed funnel clouds forming in the early evening hours Tuesday. According to EMA Coordinator for DeWitt County, Teresa Barnett, the national weather service informed her these are different types of funnels that allowed for multiple funnels to form. Barnett says there were funnels spotted outside of Clinton, Lincoln, Atlanta, and in Piatt County.

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This sort of weather occurrence is very rare. Barnett says because it is so rare, it is very hard to predict.

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 />In talking with weather professionals, Barnett says she later learned these funnels do pose a threat of coming down and touching the ground if the conditions are right. Not knowing that and wanting to take public safety into account, Barnett explains she made the call to sound the tornado sirens.<br /><br />[audio:81612funnels3.mp3] [/audio]<br /><br />People were pulled off roadways and parked in parking lots taking pictures of the funnel. Barnett says even in a circumstance such as the one Tuesday, that is the last thing she wants people doing when they hear sirens. She notes the sirens are meant to be taken seriously and people need to take cover when they hear them.</p>
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