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The DeWitt County Friendship Center was a finalist in the RK Dixon "Make My Non-Profit Work" contest.




The Friendship Center learned they were a final four finalist before learning Thursday afternoon they received a $5-thousand prize. Executive Director of the DeWitt County Friendship Center, Sissy Leggett said before learning their fate, just to be a finalist was terrific, and any one of the final prizes would be great for the center.

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Leggett has a lot of ideas for the Friendship Center. She has ideas of getting a couple of computers for seniors to learn to use or to purchase a new printer or fax machine. She says any of the ideas they can implement is going to help the center a lot.

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For the announcement Thursday afternoon, the Friendship Center was packed full of around 100 people. Leggett says she tried to get the word out as best she could and felt the turn out reflected the support the Friendship Center has and received through the whole process.

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The Friendship Center went through several stages of voting, gathering community support before the announcement of being a final four finalist.

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