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Governor Quinn says the fight to overhaul the state's pensions system's isn't over.  In fact, he says he's recruiting a new group of advocates who want to see reform before the November election.

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Governor Quinn says he's taking his fight for pension reform to the people of Illinois.  He's rallying up a group of everyday people to call on lawmakers to get the job done.

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Governor Quinn is known for sparking change through his grassroots efforts.  In 1975, he gathered more than 685-thousnad signatures to ban lawmakers from collecting their entire salary on the first day of office.  He summoned the public again in 1978, urging them to send tea bags to then Governor James Thompson for approving a legislative pay raise.  Thompson had 40-thousand tea bags in office within four days and he later rescinded the pay raises.  And in 1980, Quinn was behind the initiative that cut the Illinois House down from 177 members to 118.  He says he's positive his efforts to overhaul the pension system will have just as positive results.  He'll launch the campaign sometime next month.

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