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It's possible Bloomington was hit by the Bucket list bandit.  He's a suspect who's robbed seven banks in at least five states.  Someone passed a note to a teller at the PNC Bank on West Market Street last Friday, implying he had a gun and demanding money.  He's been dubbed the bucket list bandit because he allegedly told one bank teller he only had four months to live.  That's one reason police believe he won't strike in Bloomington again.  They believe he's traveling the country in his last days and just hitting banks as he goes along.  It's possible the bandit hit the Bloomington bank because it's fairly close to the interstate.  Police believe he was driving a 2011 or 2012 Chevrolet Captiva but may have been driving a Black SUV during a heist in North Carolina.  The suspect also appears to be wearing the same blue shirt at each bank robbery.  Other heists include banks in North Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho and Utah.

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