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As Clinton City officials deliberate on their decision for or against lifting a gambling ban in place in Clinton, they have a lot of people and opinions to consider.

As Regional Radio News reported last week, over an hour of the August 20 Clinton City Council meeting was dedicated to community input. Several business owners and citizens spoke out in favor of lifting a ban on gambling. One voice that spoke out was resident Aaron Kammeyer. Kammeyer believes if Clinton wants to be a thriving community with economic development, the ban needs to be lifted.

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Bill Rentmeister with the Eagles Club emplored the City Council to make this a priority to get passed. He says the machines pay for a lot of things and he says much of their donations go to the children.

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Resident Bob Kreitler feels this issue comes down to a person's personal choice. He says a person has the free will to choose to participate in gambling. He feels just because people will want to use these machines, doesn't necessarily mean they will become a problem.

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Because a couple members of the Clinton City Council were undecided, the has put their decision off until Tuesday September 4.

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