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More specific details of a 9-1-1 call last Wednesday that sparked a bit of controversy have been released.

Last Wednesday, August 22, at 12:28 pm, a call was made from the Warner Public Library to DeWitt County CENCOM. A minute later at 12:29, CENCOM dispatched the Beason Fire Department. At 12:30, CENCOM then dispatched the Clinton Fire Department and the Dr. John Warner Hospital ambulance. CENCOM records show, less than a minute later, DJWH Ambulance crews were en route. Records also show, over two minutes later, Clinton Fire Department crews were en route.

The incident may have cost the DeWitt County Ambulance Association their bid for ambulance service in DeWitt County. DeWitt County Ambulance Advisory Committee Chair Teresa Barnett says the reason the Fire Department was later in leaving the station was because they were waiting on an EMT to arrive.

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It was insinuated the ambulance crews did not know where the library was. CEO of the DJWH, Earl Sheehy says the CENCOM report shows the Beason Fire Department was dispatched first. He explains he has a hard time taking criticism for not knowing where the library is when it appears neither did CENCOM.

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Chair of the CENCOM Board, Mike Reidy, says this was not an error of not knowing where the library was, but rather an error comparable to a type-o. Chief Reidy says there was no delaying in paging out the Clinton Fire Department and the Clinton Ambulance.

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Sheehy calls the incident "an unfortunate incident" but that is it. He feels because of the way his crews were unfairly treated last Wednesday deserves and apology from the DCAAC but also the Committee Chair.

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Sheehy feels between CENCOM and his crews there is equal fault to be shared. He admits his crews did make a wrong turn in getting to the library, but feels it is worth pointing out CENCOM made a wrong call as well.

DeWitt County 9-1-1 Director and CENCOM Manager Tony Harris was unavailable for comment.

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