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This coming November, each seat on the DeWitt County Board will be up for re-election.

Every 10 years each seat on the County Board are put up for re-election thanks to redrawn maps and recently the County Board learned the length of their terms. DeWitt County Board Chair Melonie Tilley explains Districts A and C, their terms will be lengths of two consecutive 4 year terms, then a two year term. And for Districts B and D, they will be the reciprocal, 2 years followed by two terms of 4 years.

[audio:9412boardterms1.mp3] [/audio]

The change comes about from the Illinois Counties Association. State's Attorney Dick Koritz says he prefered the old method but explains the new method is to break the county into two groups and put two districts in each group and randomly divide the terms up.

[audio:9412boardterms2.mp3] [/audio]

Larry Schleicher was chosen, because he is not a resident of DeWitt County, to randomly divide the envelopes containing the term sequences assigning them to the two groups.

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