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The exterior designs of the new Clinton Elementary School continue to be discussed by the Clinton Board of Education.

The Clinton Board of Education has been meeting on a monthly basis with the architects of the building to finalize the designs on the building. Superintendent of Clinton Schools, Dr. Jeff Holmes explains they are looking at both the exterior and interior designs of the building. He says they want the building to stand out.

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Another discussion the Board has had is naming the building. Dr. Holmes explains they have been discussing possibly staying with a presidential theme, as the other schools have a presidential name for their buildings, or even a historical name, much like Webster School. The architects of the building also came up with a unique idea of using the pillars that would hold up a potential canopy at the front entrance, and having each branch of the military's logo on those pillars.

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In the most recent designs submitted by the architects, they expressed concerns over the bid climate come January, when the Board plans to put the project out for bid. Dr. Holmes is optimistic the bid climate will still be good in January. That said, the architects' most recent designs reflected a very conservative design which eliminated a classroom from each grade level. Dr. Holmes says that is not acceptable because this is a building they want to meet the needs of the district for many years.

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Dr. Holmes says the interior of the building is all but finalized but the biggest debate right now is whether to add a second gym. Dr. Holmes says if the bid climate is accommodating, they would like to add a second regulation size gym.

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