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The issue of gambling in Clinton can be put to rest... at least for the time being.

Tuesday evening the Clinton City Council voted to remove a ban in Clinton banning video gambling devices. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters said several weeks ago she would research what other communities around the area did about gambling in their towns. She explains her results came back very mixed and for various reasons.

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While deliberating on the issue, the Mayor invited both sides of the argument to openly discuss with her their concerns. As previously reported and stated, the Pastoral community expressed their concerns for the negative effects gambling would have on the residents of the city, while the business owners explained what a continued ban could negatively mean for their business.

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The key to obtaining a license for these machines will be having a liquor license. Mayor Peters explains it now appears the state of Illinois now has the controls in place to monitor the gaming devices, she states she would support lifting the ban if the Council chose to do so.

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To take precautions of expansion of gambling in Clinton, there have been guidelines set in place for a maximum number of liquor licenses that can be obtained by certain businesses in Clinton.

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That ordinance passed unanimously. The ordinance of lifting the gambling ban in place passed 3-1, John Wise was the "no" vote, and Mayor Peters abstained from voting.

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