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The DeWitt County Board has voted to approve an increase in slip rate fees at the Clinton Lake Marina.

This is the first increase in the fee in nearly four years. DeWitt County Board Chair Melonie Tilley explains they have done some research, and even with this increase in their rental fees, they are still one of the lower rental fees in the area.

[audio:9612slipincrease1.mp3] [/audio]

The Marina was recently awarded a $75-thousand grant. Tilley explains the grant will go to improve current docks in place or they could even begin building a new dock. Tilley says this is a good opportunity for them to improve the Marina.

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Tilley believes it is time to begin updating the docks at the Marina. She explains some of these docks have been in place for almost 25 years since the Marina opened up. While it would be nice to build an entire new dock with 30 or so new slips, Tilley says, that is just an impossibility.

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All the slips at Clinton Lake are filled and there is currently around 100 people on a waiting list to take a dock. Tilley says this was another good year at the Marina for the County.

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