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It's been a week since the DeWitt County Board approved the DeWitt County Ambulance Advisory Committee's recommendation for the County's next ambulance provider.

There's been a lot of turmoil surrounding the decision, and one local leader is disappointed in the way things went down. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters says she is not only disappointed in the DCAAC but also board members of the DeWitt County Ambulance Association, the non-profit entity who sought to be the next provider of ambulance service. Mayor Peters has made her stance known from the beginning that she supported the DCAA and their efforts.

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The Mayor defends Terrance Hubbard, who headed the DCAA and is the current Ambulance Manager at the Dr. John Warner Hospital. She feels the opinions towards him were not fully researched, and she thanks Hubbard for his service and time he spent putting together the non-profit option.

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Mayor Peters thanks the ambulance crews and wishes them and Hubbard well in the future. She says she hopes they land in a community that is more accepting and appreciative of them and their service.

Mayor Peters adds PSI will need to be held accountable for their service and she hopes the community will be more accepting of them and their staff.

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