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School districts and their administrators around the state are assessing their schools Adequate Yearly Progress reports.

It seems to be a general consensus, many schools are not making AYP as a district. One of those schools is the Maroa-Forsyth district. While the district as a whole did not make AYP, Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth schools, Mike Williams says there was plenty of positives that came from their AYP numbers this year. He says the grade school and middle school both made AYP, and while the high school did not, he says they saw some terrific gains made in a few areas.

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Williams feels AYP can be misleading at the high school level. He explains the assessments are a college readiness exam. He notes not all students go to college.

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Rather than focusing on what the ACT, ISAT's, or PSAE tests, many districts are focusing their attention to transitioning into the Common Core standards. Williams explains the Common Core Standards are a new standard for learning that focuses learning all the way from kindergarten through 12th grade.

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Williams feels the new Common Core Standards are going to increase the standard of learning for students. He feels instead of grouping students together, they need to be mindful of the students that are planning on going to college and those students that are planning on going into the workforce.

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The school year 2014-15 will be the first year students will be tested based on the Common Core Standard. Williams says Maroa-Forsyth has a solid base started in their progress, but they have a long ways to go. He feels good about the direction they are headed in with the Common Core Standard.

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