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A tax that went into effect last year in Macon County has benefited the Maroa-Forsyth district.

The implementation of a county wide sales tax has benefited the district because of Forsyth being in Macon County. Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth Schools Mike Williams explains this sales tax can only be used on facilities. He says it has enabled the district to do some things without the revenue, they could not have done.

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It has been a year since Maroa-Forsyth schools started receiving the money from this sales tax and Williams says they are right in line with the revenue they thought they would receive. He says they expected to receive around $700-thousand annually from that and it has held true a year later.

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Maroa-Forsyth is a very fortunate district to have this kind of revenue. Williams notes many smaller communities like theirs are not as fortunate. He says there are certain types of sales that are exempt from this tax, which eliminates a lot of smaller communities.

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The tax increase implemented in Macon County was a 1% increase. The tax is enacted on retail purchases except for titled motor vehciles, unprepared food, and medication.  The proceeds generated are distributed to Macon County public schools based on enrollment figures.

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