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With school back in full swing, and more ideal weather upon us, authorities are asking area residents to keep an eye on those youngsters going to and from school.

Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy explains there are special fines that go along with speeding in a school zone. Fines for speeding in a school zone increase significantly. He explains law enforcement wants to make sure those areas are safe for the kids around the building.

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Along with watching for kids as around the school zones, Chief Reidy reminds motorists to be aware of school buses, and stopped school buses picking kids up, or dropping them off. He says a first time offense for passing a school bus with it's lights on and stop sign out is a mandatory loss of license for three months along with a fine.

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Chief Reidy encourages motorists to slow down in school zones, and law enforcement traditionally steps up their watch over those zones once school begins. He also says to be aware of school buses and to be prepared to stop.

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