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The Clinton Police Department will be upgrading in some equipment.

 width=The police department is seeking to upgrade their tasers that the officers carry around with them. Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy explains the models they currently have are being phased out for upgraded and more efficient models. He says they can exchange their old units for newer ones, and receive a monetary value for them.

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The tasers the department is currently using, they have had since 2006. Chief Reidy says there are some nice features those models have. Each model comes with two cartridges and a laser pointer for aiming. Chief Reidy notes many times just pointing the taser at the person will settle them down.

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The new tasers the department will get will be much more efficient. Chief Reidy says each cartridge in the taser will be able to be shot twice. He says it is not uncommon to need two shots to subdue a person. He also says when it comes to what is called "dry stunting" someone, the cartridge does not have to be removed, making it quicker in apprehending the person.

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Chief Reidy explains every time the taser is used, a report is required to be filed. He explains while the taser has been pointed several hundred times in the past six year, he estimates they've only deployed them a couple dozen times. He adds these new tasers will be far superior to the old ones, and are well worth the purchase price.

The total cost of the tasers was just under $68-hundred.

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