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There's a world-class treatment facility for kids with a rare form of cancer in Springfield.  Doctor Michael Pranzatelli [[ Pran-za-tell-ee ]], with the Southern Illinois School of Medicine, says kids from all over the globe come in to be treated for a condition known as OMS, which is a cancer found in the body cavity.

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When a rare form of cancer takes a way a child's ability to walk, talk, or even sit up on their own, doctors in Springfield are there to help them recover.  Doctor Michael Pranzatelli, with the Southern Illinois School of Medicine, says ER doctors may not always recognize the signs of OMS and often misdiagnose it as a viral infection.

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Once OMS attacks a child's body, it takes about two weeks for the worst of the symptoms to appear.  If left untreated, the child can become permanently brain dead but if the tumor is caught in time, the child can potentially make a full recovery.  Doctor Pranzatelli says they're currently treating 355 kids.  He says recovery time varies from patient to patient but some respond to treatment after several days.  One of the most rewarding aspects of Doctor Pranzatelli's job is following up with the kids and seeing their progress - from walking and talking to running marathons, riding horses, and even doing karate. 

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