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 width=The DeWitt County Chapter of Habitat For Humanity took the streets of Clinton Thursday morning to move a home across town.

The white home located adjacent to the Dr. John Warner Hospital was turned over to Habitat for them to move and use to give to a family in need. Habitat had to move it at their expense. Delmar Sandage, President of DeWitt County's Habitat for Humanity explains the hospital has plans to retain the property and put it to use.

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 width=Rich Champly is a member of the Habitat Board and the construction coordinator. He explains they have put in a lot of time to coordinate moving the home. They also have received a lot of supporters within the Clinton and DeWitt County communities to make moving the home possible.

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Even before today, volunteers were at the site when the home was on White Street getting the home removed from it's foundation and ready to be moved. Champly explains once the home gets to the site on Clay Street, contractors will still have to lay the foundation, so the home will sit just above the ground at the site.

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By moving the home, Habitat will save an estimated $15-thousand over building a new home, and they hope to use that money saved to begin building next year's home sooner.

Clinton City officials were on hand throughout the move to trim trees as the home moved down Walnut Street towards Clay Street.

Champly appreciates all the support they received Thursday in getting the home moved.

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