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The state’s High Court will decide what happens next for a law that requires parents be notified when their young daughters are seeking an abortion.  Paul Linton with the Thomas More Society says parents have vital health information that doctors should know before performing the procedure.

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Lorie Chaiten [[ Chay-ten ]] with the American Civil Liberties Union says the young girls are typically mature enough to make the decision without their parents.

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Chaiten adds most young women don’t go into the procedure uninformed.

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Chaiten feels informing the parents could put the minors in a very dangerous situation.

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The Illinois' Parental Notification of Abortion Act passed in 1995 but has never been enforced because of the legal dispute.  The American Civil Liberties Union brought the suit, claiming the law discriminates against young girls and puts some in very harmful family situations.  They’re asking the Supreme Court to kick it back down to the Circuit Court so judges can hear testimony about the safety of abortions.  Even if the law is enforced, it just requires parental notification for the procedure, not parental consent.  The Justices will submit an opinion soon.

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