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The Illinois Corn Growers Association is joining other farm groups in asking farmers to pick up their cell phones and make a call from the combine to their member of Congress. ICGA vice-president Paul Taylor, a farmer from Esmond, IL, says that it’s a simple request….

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Time is short to accomplish the 2012 Farm Bill before Congress heads home to campaign hard ahead of the November elections. Congress knows a Farm Bill is important, but they say that they’re really not hearing from farmers on the issue. That’s why, Taylor says, now is the time to make those calls from the combine for a Farm Bill Now.

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To make it easy, a toll-free number has been established for farmers to use to make that call to their member of the U.S. House. 888-WHY-CORN will direct you to the U.S. House of Representatives operator who will transfer you to your Representative’s office.

Calls from the combine are needed today through Friday, before Congress leaves Washington, DC, at the end of the week.  Again that toll-free number is 888-WHY-CORN, or 888-949-2676.

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