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The DeWitt County Board's Land Use Committee will revisit bringing on a perpetual care fund with the landfill.

A meeting in Piatt County in August has made this a real possibility and Land Use Committee Chair, Terry Ferguson explains this is something that could be in place whether or not a chemical waste landfill would ever be permitted. Ferguson notes, Peoria Disposal, the parent company for Area Disposal, has agreements like these in place in other areas.

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Ferguson explains this fund benefits both the County and the landfill. This gives a fund for ongoing monitoring should there be any problems. This gives the landfill an opportunity to prepay for any problems, and it gives the County an opportunity for available cash for monitoring.

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This agreement could generate close $8-thousand a month, based on agreements Peoria Disposal has entered into in other areas of the state. Ferguson explains Area would make an initial contribution and then there would be a rate of interest to have a steady flow of income.

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There is no legislation mandating this agreement, and according to Ferguson, this would have to be an agreement between the County and Area Disposal.

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