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Monticello school district residents have the opportunity tonight to familiarize themselves with the school buildings and the shape they are currently in.

Since early summer, the Monticello school district's facilities have been under an assessment of their current state. The assessment will serve to outline a plan of action for the district moving forward. A part of this assessment process is community input, and Superintendent of Monticello Schools, Dr. Vic Zimmerman explains tonight, residents can come and be a part of facility tours.

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Dr. Zimmerman recognizes what a tough decision this is going to be because of the history and emotion tied to the buildings. He says him and his school board are not advocating for one decision, however, he says there will be a cost associated with each decision, and they need to do what is best for the district.

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Along with accommodating students with what a 21st century school should look like, Dr. Zimmerman says this will also go towards attracting new families to the district. He says with communities in Macon and Champaign Counties receiving tax dollars to upgrade their facilities, Monticello has to make do with what they have, and he feels this assessment should help them better compete for families coming to the area.

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Dr. Zimmerman notes ultimately the community input of the public meetings will play an important role in their decision making process. He explains he was not sure how many to expect but was pleased with the amount of people that came out. He hopes these meetings will better educate the public on the current condition of the schools and the decision they face.

Tonight's meeting gets going at 6 pm at Monticello Middle School.

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