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The Common Core many school districts have been focusing their attention on is only part of a handful of changes coming from the state of Illinois in the coming years.

There are four parts to what the Illinois State Board of Education is going to change. Superintendent of Heyworth Schools, Dr. Ty Wolfe explains the "Focus on the Four" campaign has four areas of focus for the State BOE. The first is support of lower performing schools. Dr. Wolfe explains this will change the current way schools are funded.

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The second initiative creates an identification number to see how each student does going from pre-K all the way through high school and into college. Dr. Wolfe says it is the Heyworth districts goal to get more than one year's growth in a years time.

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The third part of the initiative focuses on creating more effective teachers and leaders. Dr. Wolfe explains the fourth initiative is where the Common Core standards begin to come into play. He explains it will change the way students are assessed through testing, and also changes the way they take assessment tests.

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Dr. Wolfe feels this initiative is an attempt to personalize the learning experience and also creates an environment where a student can be challenged, whether they are struggling or exceeding.

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