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The Warner Public Library is the new home to a Legal Help Center.

The help center comes courtesy of a grant the library received from Illinois Coalition For Equal Justice. Librarian Bobbi Perryman explains this help center will help with just about any civil matter if you cannot get a lawyer. She feels it helps ease the process during what is already a difficult time for the person.

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Perryman explains local Judge Garry Bryan applied for the grant and recommended the library be the housing place for the computer. She adds it is a nice set up with a printer and headphones. Perryman feels the library is a suitable place for the system since they are the open a lot and the library is a more comfortable environment than the Courthouse.

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Perryman says if someone comes in to use the computer, they will not be given advice from the library staff. She says that is considered "practicing law without a license".

The system can be accessed at the Warner Public Library during regular business hours, and it is also available online at dewitt.illinoislegalaid.org.

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