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 width=The Clinton School Districts Report Card that covers all the buildings looks very good.

The report card covers everything from the racial diversity of students, to finances, and of course the state grades. Superintendent of Clinton Schools Dr. Jeff Holmes explains the district average class size at all levels remains right in line with the state's average and also at the goal the district has set for themselves.

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The staff summary shows the experience of Clinton school teachers is around 15-years and a majority of teachers have a bachelors degree. Dr. Holmes points out as teachers retire, the amount of teachers with just a bachelors degree is increasing and the amount of teachers with a masters is decreasing.

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Comparing Clinton Schools to the state average financially, Clinton Schools appear to be in good shape. Dr. Holmes explains currently salaries are below the state average. He points out administrative salaries are a little higher, but he says the district has a lot of administrators and as older administrators with higher salaries retire, they will be replaced by younger administrators.

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Because of the tax money being received from the power plant, the district relies less on state funding right now. Dr. Holmes says given the state of the state, that is a good thing.

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Dr. Holmes adds the districts tax rate is right around where they would like it to be. He explains come next month, when the district will discuss issuing the second half of the bonds they had approved by the voters in March, the tax rate will increase slightly, but will remain right around the $3.50 they have committed to.

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The Board of Education feels the Clinton District's report card is very enviable compared to other districts right now.

The district's report cards will be posted this morning for viewing on the district's website.

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