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 width=When Illinois lawmakers head back to Springfield next month, a number of big issues await them, but one of the biggest may be growing pension problem in Illinois.

One local lawmaker believes when the changes that are bound to take place go down, it will not be good for downstate Illinoisans. State Representative Chapin Rose explains three Chicago Democrats, in Governor Pat Quinn, House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton are proposing a plan they say will not effect downstate Illinoisans, but Rep. Rose begs to differ.

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Along with the concerns Rep. Rose has over the plan being proposed by the three Chicago Democrats, Rose says the House may be victimized once again by a lame duck session. Rep. Rose says the number of lame duck legislators who may have under the table deals to vote a certain way could be alarming.

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One plan Rep. Rose thinks is a good one is a plan modeled after financial guru Dave Ramsey, which uses his "debt snowball" method.

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Along with the pension issue, many legislators are hoping to come up with a way to keep several state prisons open that Governor Quinn has proposed shutting down.

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