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Clinton's local appliance store is expanding on one part of the business, and eliminating another.

Buck's Appliance on the downtown Clinton Square is discontinuing their sales of appliances. According to owner Jerry Milton, he plans to continue offering service of appliances, however, they have sold out of appliances in the store. He notes he will special order appliances for anyone wishing to order them in Clinton.

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Milton says they thought about discontinuing service, but because of interest shown by one of his son's, Shawn, they decided not to. Milton notes Shawn has been spending the past few weeks in Ohio learning on the newer appliances, so they can continue servicing them.

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Milton explains the business started 70 years ago, by Milton's father-in-law, Sherman Buck. Milton says he started working at Buck's in 1963 and he and his wife bought the store in 1984.

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