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 width=Paramedic Services of Illinois (PSI) is now officially the ambulance provider for much of DeWitt County.

The DeWitt County Board made the approval Thursday night at their regular Board Meeting, but not before lengthy discussion on the details of the contract. Much discussion was dedicated to who the reports from PSI would go to for review. Differing opinions were thrown around. Board Chair Melonie Tilley says she wanted the issue to be brought to the full board for discussion because it was in the Request For Proposal that there would be monthly reports.

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Tilley felt as though it was not necessary for the reports to be sent to a committee. She explains because this will be a contractual agreement, it would be much different than an employee of the County giving monthly updates. She adds the reports would be up to PSI as to who they are directed towards.

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Board member Terry Ferguson saw things a little different from Chairwoman Tilley. Ferguson states the contract allows for 120 days notice of termination of the contract. He says if the County was the one to end the contract, it would be over cause. He feels as though there needs to be a committee to monitor the activity.

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Dana Evans held somewhat of the same view as Ferguson. Evans says he does not mind who the reports go to, but he felt as though it would be best if any issues be taken up with PSI officials. Evans adds, he talked with PSI about the issue of dealing with local problems, and they assured him they would have a local office, with a local administrator.

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The primary arguments against having reports taken to a committee was having an incident take place, and have the events of the incident spread through the rumormill, at which point, representatives from PSI would be called before the Board to speak to the issues. State's Attorney Dick Koritz says the record of PSI indicates there will be very few incidents to have resolved.

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A motion was approved by a vote of 7-5 to have the reports taken to the Public Safety Committee, and from there, the 12 members of the Board would all see the report.

The motion to approve the PSI Ambulance contract was approved unanimously.

In other business from the County Board meeting:

>>A quote was approved for Rahn Equipment Company to transfer the bed from the County's 2002 Ford F-550 to the 2012 Ford F-550 at a cost not to exceed $47-hundred.

>>The purchase of a Land Pride double batwing mower from Clinton Equipment Company at a cost of just over $15,500 was approved.

>> The purchase of a new gas operated how water pressure washer from M&M Pump for just over $4-thousand was approved.

>>The Marina Committee had approved the purchase of concrete bumpers for the slip renters parking lot at a cost not to exceed $2-thousand.

>>The 2013 budget was put on display for 30 for public viewing.

>>A truth and taxation hearing was set for November 29 at 6 pm.

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