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Monticello and Piatt County are now home to a domestic violence agency.

Willow Tree Missions aim is the new agency aimed to help those effected by domestic violence. Kimberly Boyd is the Executive Director of Willow Tree Missions, she explains they offer a number of services to aid women effected by domestic violence. One of their services provides women and children with housing for up to 12 weeks, or until they are able to get back on their feet.

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Domestic Violence is a cyclical problem in the world today. Boyd says before Willow Tree opened their doors, women and children were having to rely on agencies outside of Piatt County. She adds, since they have opened their doors, the number of victims they are helping has risen.

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Partnering with local enforcement has been a goal of Boyd's since Willow Tree started earlier in the year. Boyd says local law enforcement has gotten on board with the agency's efforts and have been supportive the whole way.

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Boyd says the partners they have so far have been great to work with. She explains they have also partnered with several other area domestic violence agencies in their effort to get off the ground.

For more information about Willow Tree Missions, you can contact their hotline at 217-631-1111.

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