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The DeWitt County Board has set the tax rate for the levy for an ambulance service subsidy.

In March, voters approved a property tax levy of up to .25% to subsidize ambulance service for much of DeWitt County. DeWitt County Board Chair Melonie Tilley explains they have set the rate for that tax at point-164, which is 66% of the full amount.

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Because of the overlap in timing of Paramedic Services of Illinois, PSI, taking over ambulance service in DeWitt County, and the time tax money from the levy will come in, there will be about six or eight months  when the County is not receiving money to subsidize PSI. Tilley explains the County has taken out an interest-free loan from the County's Building Appreciation fund in the amount of $400-thousand.

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Tilley explains instead of doubling the tax next year to make for the six to eight month lapse of no money coming in, the County will cut the tax in half next year. The point-164 allows for the subsidy to be paid to PSI, and after tax money begins to flow in, to allow the Board to pay the County back.

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Tilley feels this will be a good for the tax payers. She adds it has been the philosophy of the County Board to only tax what is necessary to meet the needs of their budget.

PSI begins their service of DeWitt County starting December 1, the tax levy the County is imposing will take effect January 1, 2013.

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