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Two separate traffic studies have been completed to allow the Clinton School district to cut an entrance for their new school building.

A year ago, the district considered doing a traffic study at the request of the City of Clinton. The District decided against that. Less than a year later, the City required the District to do a traffic study in order to receive certain permits to build their new elementary school. City Administrator Tim Followell explains the city embarked on their own traffic study because the school district had asked for a quote.

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Followell explains at that point, the city felt they needed to do something, so they gave their firm the green light to proceed with a traffic study, and figure things out later. Followell says at that point the school district also proceeded to complete their own study. He feels having both studies done is not necessarily a bad thing because of the high volume of traffic at the schools at dismissal times.

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President of the Clinton Board of Education, Buck Carter calls the fact two studies were done "outrageous". He feels this was a waste of tax payers dollars. Carter explains the city is now wanting to review their study before the District can obtain a permit.

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Followell feels the differences in opinions cam because the school deals with students and education, where as the city deals with logistics of traffic. He felt the was why it was hard to get Board to understand the importance of the study.

Both studies have come in and each group has each others results. Tomorrow on Regional Radio News we will find out what those results are for each and how they compare.

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