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Monticello's new domestic violence program offers victims a safe shelter for up to 12 weeks.

Willow Tree Missions' Neighbor House is a place for the victims of a domestic violence situation to stay for up to twelve weeks while they get back on their feet. Kimberly Boyd is the Executive Director of Willow Tree Missions in Monticello, she explains Neighbor House can host only two families at a time. Because their operation is so small, they have to limit their services to Piatt County residents only.

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Staying in Neighbor House for victims does not come without a cost. While the service is free of charge, residents must maintain the home. Boyd says this includes just basic chores throughout the house.

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Along with keeping the house up, residents staying there are encouraged to seek counseling. The residents do have the choice of utilizing the counseling services offered by Willow Tree Missions, or going outside the organization. Along with that, Boyd says they are required to seek her assistance in obtaining other living arrangements, employment, or any other areas of their lives they may need help in.

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Willow Tree Missions was able to acquire the home through the sales of their thrift store, which uses the profits to fund the program. Boyd says those funds along with community members and private donations, they are able to fund the house. In just the short time Willow Tree Missions has been active in the community, Boyd says they have had generous and diligent donors.

For information about Willow Tree Missions or their Neighbor House you can contact their business number at 217-631-1018, or they can use their 24/7 hotline at 217-631-1111.

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