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 width=As a result of not making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), the Clinton School district will have some ramification.

Because of not making AYP, Superintendent of Clinton Schools, Dr. Jeff Holmes explains the district now has to develop district and school improvement plans. The district has chosen to use the "Rising Star" program. Dr. Holmes adds you can go to a website and compare how the school is doing compared to other districts across the state.

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There are a lot of positive things about the "Rising Star" program. Dr. Holmes feels the continues improvements and modifications of this program are what he likes about it the most. He says when improvement plans would be implemented in the past, it would be looked at only once a year.

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Clinton schools are already somewhat ahead of the game in entering into this improvement plan. Dr. Holmes explains next year, schools will have to start using the "Rising Star" program. In fact, he says he already has two buildings using the program.

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There are 50 indicators the district will have to look at and over 100 for each building. The first deadline to implement this program was the day after the district learned they would have to do a school and district improvement plan. Dr. Holmes says he is not going to rush his administrators in getting things developed. He adds he wants to do it right and make sure it meets the needs of the Clinton School district.

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