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 width=As the Dr. John Warner Hospital transitions out of the ambulance business, turning it over to PSI, the two groups are negotiating details to obtain DJWH equipment.

The hospital has maintained since they announced they would be getting out of the ambulance business, they would allow the new provider to purchase their equipment and use their housing and bays. CEO of the Dr. John Warner Hospital, Earl Sheehy says negotiations are going well, and the hold up right now is determining fair market value for the hospital's ambulances.

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Sheehy explains determining fair market value for ambulances is very difficult. He says because there is no guide, the hospital has used the company they bought their vehicles from to help in determining their value.

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The cost of the ambulance will be driven up because PSI wants to purchase the equipment on the ambulances. Sheehy says if PSI wants to purchase that equipment, the hospital has to be compensated fairly. However, the hospital does not have to sell them their inventory of equipment.

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Sheehy estimates between drugs and supplies on the ambulances, there is at least twenty-thousand dollars worth of goods. If the two sides cannot come to an agreement for fair market value of the ambulances and the equipment by December the 1st, Sheehy explains they would continue to offer ambulance service up to the end of the year.

The auto-pulse units donated by the Dr. John Warner Hospital Foundation over of the past few years will be kept in possession of the hospital in the emergency room.

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