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With the fall season here, deer will be active all over the area.

 width=As hunters head out for the 2012 harvest, this time of year brings a large amount of accidents. Mike Walker, Chief Deputy with the Dewitt County Sherrif's Department, says the majority of accidents that occur in the fall and winter months are caused by deer. He says when driving through heavily wooded areas, your awareness needs to be heightened.

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The early evening and early morning hours are the most frequent times that deer can be seen. They especially start coming out more often once hunting season begins. Even though there are areas where deer are more numerous, they can spring out into the road anywhere and at anytime. Walker says to not swerve to miss the deer, but rather it would be better to hit it straight on.

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Authorities from the Illinois Department of Transportaion also want to make sure that Illinois drivers are cautious of deer in the coming months. IDOT Spokesperson Josh Kauffman adds flashing the headlights or honking the horn can alert the deer and could get them to get off the road.

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Kauffman adds accidents involving deer were responsible for six fatalities last year.

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