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Clinton High School Social Studies Department In Need Of Updates

High School Principal Dr. Candice Swift in her first semester has begun somewhat of an investigation into the condition of the materials and curriculum of the high school.

As she has talked with department heads and teachers from each department, she has begun to make progress in finding out the needs of the classrooms, from both a materials standpoint, but also a curriculum standpoint. In the social studies department, Dr. Swift has identified some things they need to be addressing and her teachers are working on those.

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One area of concern for the social studies department is the aging text books. Dr. Swift says their history text books are nearly 20 years old and their sociology text books are in fact over 20 years old. She says the technology currently can be the bridging gap for the history the textbooks do not cover and same for subjects of sociological importance over the last 15-20 years.

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Since the textbooks are so old, Dr. Swift recognizes they are going to need updating. She explains though their dillema becomes, do they update using the iPads or do they continue using hard copy text books? She says that is something they are investigating, however, an answer may not come for another year or two.

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Dr. Swift has scoured the shelves of the high school's classrooms and storage rooms, finding equipment and other things that can be disposed of or thrown away. Over the next week we will continue to look at some of those areas Dr. Swift has looked at and what she has found, and also, what she has planned for the future of Clinton High School's materials.

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