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DeWitt County Salvation Army To Have Bell Ringers Out Once Again in 2012

As you head out to do your Christmas shopping over the next several weeks, you will probably here that familiar sound that comes with Christmas... The ringing of the Salvation Army bells.

DeWitt County's drive is underway, however, the local Salvation Army does their drive a little different than most. Ernie Harvey with DeWitt County's Salvation Army explains they have bell ringers out only on Friday and Saturday's each week.

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Last year, through efforts of the bell ringers, the Salvation Army was able to raise over $25-hundred. Harvey says all the money they are able to raise through the select few weekends, stays in DeWitt County. The bell ringers are scheduled to be out more weekends this year and Harvey hopes they can raise more money this year.

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Because this is the only fundraiser of the year for the Salvation Army, Harvey says once the funds run out that they raise in December during the Christmas season, they are no longer able to help people. Harvey notes, while a couple thousand dollars can go a long ways, he says it can be tough turning people away because there are no longer funds available.

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Bell ringers will be out at the Clinton Wal-Mart each Friday and Saturday until the end of the Christmas season. If you would like to give, but are unable to do so during the times bell ringers will be out, Harvey says you can take your contributions to First Christian Church, and the ladies in their office can direct those to the appropriate place.

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