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Clinton High School Sees Enrollment Jumps In Several Classes

Over the past week, we've looked at the various departments of Clinton High School and the state of their materials and curriculum.

While a lot of the findings and reports have not been so positive, not all the departments in the high school are in need of major attention. Principal of the High School, Dr. Candice Swift says the Spanish department has seen a skyrocket in enrollment this year. The enrollment increase has created six new sections of the class along with new materials as well.

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While the math department does not have a common written curriculum, Dr. Swift says the teachers do a good job of communicating and making sure they are teaching similar skills and testing at the same levels. She explains the goal for the department in the near future will be to develop the curriculum and work for a common standard of testing and skill development.

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Dr. Swift has walked into a school with a very strong FFA program and she says the structure of the program right now makes it one that does not need many improvements. However, down the road she would like to see expanded opportunities for the Ag students. She feels focusing on ag careers could be a good direction to expand in the future.

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Through the course of investigating the materials and curriculum in place at the high school, Dr. Swift has stumbled upon materials that are nearly, if not, 20 years old, and some equipment at the building is original to the build date.

Dr. Swift is currently working with her staff to find what areas of the programs need help, and to figure out what things need to be addressed first.

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