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Lincoln Looking Into Establishing Preservation Commission

The City of Lincoln is looking into establishing a Preservation Agency for their historic sites within the city.

A Preservation Commission has been discussed before in Lincoln, and the City Council is renewing that discussion as to what it would take to establish one. Executive Director of the Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau in Lincoln, Geoff Ladd says as the leader of the Tourism Bureau for the County, he feels this is going to be a good thing. He says this could lead to a preservation district, which would protect certain historic spots within that area.

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Looking into a Preservation Commission has come up before. Ladd says about eight years ago the city discussed it, but no action was taken. He looks forward to this time around and explains Lincoln Mayor Keith Snyder has looked into other Commissions similar to what Lincoln would like, to see how they have written their ordinances.

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Ladd is optimistic that sites deemd in a "preservation district" may open them up for grants for upkeep and basic maintenance items. He says once a site is subject to a preservation district, all modifications to the site could be limited, as they would have to first be approved by the Preservation Commission.

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