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DeWitt County HRC Names New Executive Director

The DeWitt County Human Resource Center has named their new Executive Director.

Lynn Scovill comes to DeWitt County's HRC after having served as Vice President of Planned Parenthood of Illinois. Scovill says she is very excited to be in central Illinois and looks forward to her time at HRC.

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As the Executive Director, Scovill will provide administrative oversight for all the programs HRC provides, which include services related to mental health, substance abuses and addictions,, crisis intervention, and case management. Scovill says those programs though are right now, facing a challenging time with the state of the economy. She hopes to bring some financial stability to them to continue offering them to the community.

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Some of the programs currently in place that are reliant on grants or state funding have not been paid in a year. Scovill says despite that, they are getting by thanks to some reserves HRC had, but she realizes those reserves will not be around forever, and they need to find other ways to fund their programs.

The DeWitt County Human Resource Center operates three sites in Clinton, IL. The West location at 1150 Route 54 W offers services related to mental health, substance abuse/addiction, crisis intervention, and case management. The East location at 10840 Route 10 E offers employment programs and developmental programs and is home to the Encore Thrift Store. The Kleeman Village location at 1101 Kleeman Drive is a low-income housing apartment subsidized by the federal government’s HUD (Housing and Urban Development Division).

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