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DeWitt County Museum Eyeing Winter Improvements

Now that the busy holiday season is all but over for the DeWitt County Museum, their two or three months of renovations begin.

Each year the CH More Homestead targets areas of need within the home that need upgrades or improvements. Resident Manager of the Museum, Larry Buss explains, this year they have some minor inside improvements to be done. With the Museum being almost 140-years old, the projects always seem to be prevalent.

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Many historic sites, much like the DeWitt County Museum will take advantage of grant opportunities. According to Buss, those funds many times have restrictions as to how the money can be used. While the Museum does not eliminate the possibility for any and all grants, they do try to steer clear of many of them.

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According to Buss, 99% of the Museum's budget for upgrades or repairs comes from the Apple and Pork Festival. In a good year, the Museum can raise upwards of $50-thousand, but Buss says the cost of many things is so high, the money only goes so far.

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In a record Apple and Pork year, like 2012, Buss says they have to balance what projects must get done while they have the funds, and also how much of those record breaking funds go into savings. He says they do put money away for the rainy day.

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